Monday, 17 August 2009

SRK - Please come down to earth.

Lot of people in India mostly North India couldn't sleep last weekend, Prime Media's like IBNLIVE, NDTV couldn't believe, they are screaming like some biggest insult happen to our nation during 62nd Independence day celebration, wait... what happened?Believe it or not, SHAHRUKH KHAN the BADSHAH of bollywood was detained by US security personal's for two hours. Shahrukh couldn't accept this, so is the media. He said he was checked because his name end's with Khan. Our media came to streets in support of Khan and started asking opinion about this incident and said whole bollywood is not happy about this (Except few who didn't buy this thought).
Some citizens of India couldn't tolerate this as they feel this as their own insult. They came down to street, started shouting against US and went on to torch the US flag.

What happened in Newark airport on AUG 15? Shahrukh reached US and was waiting for his luggage, most of this co-passengers left the airport as they got the baggage but Shahrukh was waiting, some US officials wanted to check and they started inquiring him, the inquiry has gone for more than 1 hour and after that he was left free. This inquiry was insulting to Shahrukh and to our media. Shahrukh said that he is not happy with this incident and said "angry and humiliated". He said his name came in the alert list (How did he see that?), so he is detained by US officials for inquiry, but US officials clarified that "He is not detained but only was questioned as part of a routine process that took 66 minutes, but it took a little longer because his bag was lost by the airline".He also said that he was questioned because he is a Muslim. They wanted to check you and your identity, they checked that's it, why you are making this as so sensational, SRK please come down to earth.99% of them whoever traveled (Whatever the religion may be) to different countries might experienced this kind of check ups, this is not to insult or humiliate the traveler but to safeguard their country and people.

Harbhajan Singh and Salman khan has said this is a routine affair nothing to worry about. - Rightly said.

Priyanka said "Shocking, disturbing and downright disgraceful. It’s such behavior that fuels hatred and racism. Shah Rukh Khan is a world figure for god’s sake. Get real!" - We understand madam you need to act more movies with him.

Karan Johar said "I am shocked and upset…feeling terrible for ShahRukh" - Yeah you are his best friend of SRK and the DIRECTOR of My Name is Khan so you have to feel bad.

We understand why most of the Movie Celebrities supports Shahrukh's claim.

But one comment which made me worry a lot is made by our Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni. She has said sorry, suggested that India should do a "TIT-FOR-TAT" to Americans who visits India. What a worst and uncultured comment? If an ordinary people didn't understand this issue that it is understood most of us spend majority of our time with movies and stars, to them he may be a larger than life HERO. But a minister should think before commenting like this. Why don't these people didn't understand the reason why US has such strict security check. Because for them one 9/11 is enough. They want to protect their people and nation so they have such tight security measures. Not like us to watch at least 5-10 terrorist attacks every year in India and we know about the measures taken by our nation to stop these attacks and about our politicians. US has taken all kinds of measures to safeguard their nation, so if we are going to their nation and if they want to Strip check us before we enter their nation then we have to strip, if you don't like these then don't go to these countries, don't buy any properties there just stay here.

Main reason for all these outrage by Media and people and even for this article is non other than SRK. If he had said this is an normal check and if he had said he respect them and their rules then it would have been very nice of him. But he blow this issues out of proposition by saying that he was insulted and humiliated, he left there and our media started from where he left, they got something to chew for next few days, they made news about this by all means, now they will be waiting for next. Later Shahrukh said that he won’t go to US with his family in future. Now he is saying that "Let’s put this behind us, think positively and move ahead". He put this front of everyone made all kinds of non sense now we want us to put these things behind and do our work, Please do not make business out of nothing.

Incidentally on the same day Bob Dylan a famous US Singer-Songwriter was questioned in a Airport asking about his Identity, no one complained about this.I see this as a publicity stint not for SRK, but for his next movie My Name Is Khan, because the movie also deals with similar issue. He may deny that or it may not be true but I see that way, because if he was responsible citizen and actor, he shouldn't have made news out of this and should have respected other countries rules and should set an example. If this happens again in future for God's sake don't make news out of it. I wish these kind of incidents shall not happen to SRK in future and hope he shall take his family to US in future.

He said that US should not live a isolated bubble because this world is made of 195 countries not only US, you are absolutely correct SRK and same applies to you also "You may be the King of bollywood but when you come out of it keep in mind that your are just another person in this world for whom all the rules applies."


maheshwaran said...

You are right... SRK will go to any extent to promote himself... His famous other visits are to the a cricket match to promote his move "Om Shanti Om" and his statement that he is the USP of Kolkatta Knight Riders... Anyway we, the Indian officials, had made the VIPs accustomed to special treatments that they start believing that they have a Halo around their head... Your post is good but sorry to say... bit cliched!!!! Keep your good work up man!!!

success_21 said...

Malai, u are 100% right...this time he wanted to promote his new movie my name is also wondering why all these people are supporting all these non-senses...

Rajasekaran K said...

Perfect. It is true that those who are not able to tolerate this issue are those who make publicity out of anything. I am worried about the media, particularly the English news channels which claim "No.1 in India" (of course, every channel do this) as they want to MAKE NEWS OUT OF SOME USELESS MATTERS AND MAKE US TO WATCH WHAT THEY SERVE. As they don't have bomb blasts or earthquakes everyday, they just try to keep the BP of the people up by provoking this kind of issues. Everyday some XYZ Khans, Singhs, Patels, etc. are quesioned by the authorities in the same airport. If it happens to a celebrity, then it becomes unacceptable, even insult. Ridiculous.

Ananya Mahadevan said...

Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni in my honest opinion must be a great fan of shahrukh khan. that is why on a personal bias, she forgot that she is representing the nation and let out such a statement. It is definitely not the indian way of making a statement. well writen.